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EQ Bards is home to the amazingly versatile and exciting Everquest Bard class! This is a new community created with the mission to have a permanent class resource site so Bards and friends a like can learn everything they every wanted to know about the Bard class.

This site is actively being updated and is based on a responsive design, so it should look good across all mobile devices! If you like what you see, tell a friend and spread the word!

Update: 8/28/2017:

Okay so I caved and am playing on Agnarr. (thanks Doctor) 🙂

Update: 6/2/2017:
Hey Bards. I am guessing many are back for Everquest’s latest progression server Agnarr. Unfortunately, RL doesn’t allow me to play EQ much these days.  However, I plan to keep the site live and am updating the software etc. on a regular basis. If there are updates needed for Bard Instruments, Songs, or anything else, I encourage you to contact me and help contribute to the site.  You can reach out to me via the contact form or on Facebook at

Cheers and happy Barding 🙂

– Muse

Update: 6/13/2016:

I had originally hoped that the creation of this site would help bring the Bard community back together, help new Bards find needed information and perhaps seasoned Bards to share their experiences. It did not attract the following or contributors as I had hoped. I will continue to keep the site up as a static resource, but am too busy IRL to continue to add content at this time. If you have anything you want to have added, please reach out via the contact form on this site.  Thanks and Happy Barding 🙂

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From the Daybreak Forums

  • Veteran Rewards
    by Backes on May 24, 2019 at 3:23 am

    Hi all, just wondering what it takes for account time to sync with new toons. I created a few new All-Access characters after being away for a year, and when I'm trying to claim the Veteran Rewards, it's saying my account does not qualify, yet when I change characters, it's showing 17 years... Not sure what's going on? Sorry that I'm out of the loop, and any help is appreciated. […]

  • Next TLP
    by Rcbauer on May 24, 2019 at 3:17 am

    1) Start in kunark 2) Only enable use of Krono on accounts that have used a CC at least once. 3) 6 week unlocks 4) Bst available day 1 . 5) Gnomes can be paladin day 1 6) You're welcome. […]

  • Played this game a long time and i have never seen anything like what i experienced in gorukar
    by Quetharin on May 24, 2019 at 2:44 am

    ive played this game a long time, since kunark came out, that was what two companies ago when verant ran things? Anyway, Ive been trying to get this serpents charm for one of my toons, and, i thought that going into gorukar one of these things i needed for the charm would be fairly easy to get, but it turned into a nightmare fast of endless aggro, i was trying to get something from the algae covered stone you need for it, its a ground spawn you open. The aggro would not quit, i was fairly certain my lev 82 wizard would deal with it fine. Wrong, even with aoes the aggro would not quit. it could not hurt him but the ground spawn doesnt let you loot it with any aggro creatures around, which bites royally since you cant get it loot and run. But the nightmare of this endless aggro disaster made me really angry. I dont know who designed the encounter, or whether daybreak has messed with it since, but i was ready to throw my keyboard through my window, i mean theres a point where, the aggro respawn is too fast and here its way too fast, way too much and quite frankly was of the worst designed encounters iver ever seen in the game. Its not so much designed to challenge, as frustrate, grief and otherwise cause you to swear 80 times before 10 seconds is through with tourretts syndrome. I think this encounter honestly was designed with not challenge, not fun, but player griefing in mind. I honestly believe that was the mindset of the dev who made the encounter as crazy as it sounds. His or her view was i would really love to make a player suffer, and suffer alot, thats what i believe they were thinking deep inside, just how cruel can i make it for the player, probably and honestly with approval for just that sort of cruelty from the top, its all about the buck after all but this encounter taught me that games like this, minecraft notably, and others are increasingly relying on mental torture as opposed to a good challenge, for them i think they cant distinguish, original eq was king of the grief torture mentality where you have none of the niceties you have today, so the game today isnt a total disaster and actually fun sometimes, when it isnt anti soloer, where forced grouping is the point. so many people solo in this game, they dont want a group, not ever, and im pretty much one of those unless there is absolutely no other way to get it done. I remember a vox raid i ran and it gave me a migraine trying to keep track of the 20 people it then needed to kill vox, not the 1 level 114 it requires today lol. i honestly believe that they get a sick perverse pleasure off of players endlessly dying or suffering as a result of the way they designed the encounter, just a game you say, yeah i know that, but its supposed to be about enjoyment no being pissed off and aggravated and this sick mindset has permeated gaming for longer then i care for, whereas it feels like a sick pleasure sort of thing from the designers. im not asking for easy, im asking for sensible balance, not the devs ego and sick way of enjoyment as the devs core motivation. For all the aggravation over the years, this rant is well deserved, there have been times i quit for years at a time, because the game i loved was really being turned into a suffering factory, where anything truly good pretty much comes at a cost of your sanity, or a stroke, or several excedrins literally later. If you cant design challenging and balanced but enjoyable encounters devs, get out of the business, but dont make player suffering your goal! I dont know if any game company understands balance and challenge and fun in the same concept anymore, but maybe just maybe theres a small chance you never know!!! […]