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I  returned to Everquest for a bit in 2015 after a long hiatus. I quickly noticed how so many of the old class fan sites had disappeared and decided to do my best to create an informational hub for the Everquest Bard community.

The mission of this site is to share informational content. No forums at this time, but will consider building this out into more of a community site with forums if there becomes a demand for it (i.e. enough people actually use the site).

Site updates & Contributors:
I put a lot of time into developing and adding the existing content to this site. Regardless if I am currently playing EQ I will always be active here and don’t plan on shutting this site down anytime in the near future. My hope is to continue to add more information for the Everquest Bard community to help current and new Bards alike.  Unfortunately, I don’t have time to do everything myself. If you have an update, correction, guide, pics, or anything else EQ Bard related that you want added to EQbards.com I kindly ask that you submit it. Reach out to me via the contact form on this site and I will respond (usually within a couple days) so we can discuss. All submissions will have full credit given to the author and or contributor.

Who created this site?

I played a Bard on for several years back in the classic days on Lanys, Stromm and later the EQ Progression Ragefire server. 🙂 Bards are just awesome and have always been my favorite class, but unfortunately so few people know how to play them properly (um yes there’s a lot more to it than just running fast and playing mana song).

Update:  I took a break from Ragefire since the population was dying out and there was little options for progression aside from TL which wasn’t an option for me since I actually have a life. 🙂 I am considering giving the Phinigel Server a shot. I am not against boxing and honestly felt creating an anti-boxing server was kind of dumb, but I do like the idea of instancing because I hope it will eliminate content cock-blocking so more guilds to progress and more people can see content. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I returned to a 15+ year old game to experience it. While I still raid, I just don’t have 12 hours a day to sit in front of the computer anymore to farm and race for shit.


About EQ Bards
Pixel doll image courtesy of the EQ Pixel Army Gnomish Portrait Machine.

IRL I am a Data Marketing Analyst for an online video game publisher (Not SoE) and have an extensive background in site creation, digital strategy, web analytics & SEO.