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Content Submission

Guide & Content Submission Guidelines

The majority of the content you see on this site has been added manually. If you are interested in helping out by submitting a guide or content please reach out using the contact form on this site. I will do my best to respond to all inquires within 24 hours.

Guide Submission:
Guide format is preferred in standard Text or Rich Text Document format. if you use Google docs, you can also create your guide there and share the link.

Please spell check the guides and put them in an easy to understand format so they can be easily implemented on the site.

Please note: EQ Bards reserves the right to edit and or change around how you word certain things (if needed). Please include your character name, real name (if desired) and server name. You will still be given full credit for your guide or content submission.

Item & Song Submissions:

  • Name of the item or song
  • All Stats/Effects/instrument modifiers etc.
  • Era (expansion)
  • Full url where the song or item is found on Magelo.com.

For example:
Selo’s Accelerando:

Mistmoore Battle Drums:


If you are submitting content that was composed by someone else, please gain their approval before submitting it to EQ Bards and site credit to the original Author.