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Everquest Bard FAQ

Newbie, returning & seasoned Bards a like all have questions from time to time. Check our our knowledge base of Frequently asked Bard questions.


  • How does Charm or Swarm Kiting work?
    • Swarm kiting consists of gathering a group of charmable,  social mobs that do not summon. Charming one and sending it in on another. All of the social mobs will beat on your pet. When your pet is low health, break charm (this generally requires an instant invis item or AA). Kill your low life pet for experience. Rinse and repeat.


  • Can Bards still AOE kite?
    • The simple answer is no.

      SoE nerfed actual area kiting a while back. Bard area effect songs will no longer harm a mob if you are moving.

      An alternative to this is charm or swarm kiting.

  • How does /melody help twist Bard songs?
    • /melody helps with twisting songs and saves your wrists from carpal tunnel due to twisting manually. 🙂

      (Note: Melody is not a perfect solution and still requires common sense and manual overview to ensure that your songs are twisting correctly. In some cases you will want to consider twisting your songs manually.)

      The main way it works is that you create a song lineup, then decide which you want to twist. Let’s say it’s your first four song are:
      /melody 1 2 3 4

      The melody command will cycle through your first four songs incredibly efficiently. However, if you’re interrupted during your second song somehow (e.g: stunned), you start back at song #1.

      Melody automatically refreshes itself, playing the song sequence you indicate continuously unless interrupted. Each song is played for its cast time (3 seconds in most cases) before moving on to the next.

      You can stop melody by hitting your melody hotkey (or typing /melody), clicking any song on your spellbar, or typing /stop. You can also “break” melody by using a clicky item, try to avoid doing this as it can bug out your songs (/stop usually fixes this, or it fixes itself in a few seconds).

      If you want to interrupt your melody for something else (such as slow or mez), I recommend hitting your melody hotkey to stop current songs, then click the song you want to play. After the new song lands, hit your melody hotkey to stop your song, then again to restart melody. You can’t manually use songs without stopping melody first.

      If you fizzle (miss a note) during melody, it will keep trying to play the fizzled song until it is successful, then continue the melody.

      Melody doesn’t have a fixed duration, basically you turn it on and off. However, you can create a melody with a gap if song recast timers don’t line up properly (not usually intentional).

      If you have two different melody hotkeys, when you hit the second melody, EQ considers this stopping your current songs. If you hit the new hotkey again, it will start the second melody.




  • Why do Bards need Instruments?
    • Instruments are the Bard’s version of focus effects, basically they make the song better (i.e., you will run faster, your dots will hit for more, etc). There are a few songs such as ‘Shauri’s Sonorous Clouding’ (invis song) and ‘Alenia’s Disenchanting Melody’ (group dispell) that require an instrument (or item with instrument modifier) to be equipped. There are also a few songs like our slow that are not effected at all by instruments.

  • Where can I raise my pick lock skill?
    • The Plane of Tranquility (requires min level 46 to enter via the teleport stone in The Plane of Knowledge). In the first room you zone into you will see a stone table with a floating book  above it. This is a locked object and can be picked repeatedly to skill up with no minimum skill requirement.
      If you are below level 46, or on a progression server alternately you can go to Befallen or the elevator in Paineel are also good locations.

  • Do Bard mana songs stack with Enchanter clarity?
    • Yes!
      Just because you have an Enchanter in your group is no excuse not to play mana song (unless for some reason your group is overflowing with mana, unlikely :D)

  • How do instrument modifiers work?
    • The data field has always shown 24 internally. To prettify the math, many people referred to this as a 2.4

      modifier (multiplier) over what you’d do if you didn’t have the instrument equipped, which we take as a baseline of 1 or 100%. This is equivalent to adding a modifier of 140% to what you’d do if you didn’t have the instrument equipped, i.e., 2.4 is 240% of 1, or ((1 x 100%) + 140% [what we show]) of 1.

      So in other words, if you had a 140% percussion modifier the 11 damage on furfils chant would do 26 damage with percussion modifier.

  • How many songs should I twist?
    • On average twisting 3-4 is normal, depending your connection speed. Due to the duration of most normal bard songs, it’s generally not possible to keep five or more useful songs going simultaneously.

  • What are the best songs to get aggro as a Bard?
    • Bard aggro pretty much sucks. We wear plate, but we don’t get taunt like Warriors do. There are some songs that will help generate better aggro than others. Snares, Chants (dots) are probably your best bet. Weapon augments such as poison or rune procs are also helpful.

  • What pick lock skill do you need to unlock doors in Seb/Crypt?
    • 200 or 201.

  • Do Bards get benefits from mod rods, necromancer twitching, or mana regen buffs?
    • No. Even meditation is weak for a Bard. Bards get benefits from flowing thought AAs and items, but that is pretty much it.
      On a side note, Bards do benefit (once you reach lvl 45+) of the added intelligence for Kodiak’s Endless Intellect (KEI) and Voice of Quellious (VoQ) but not the mana regen. Even our own mana regen songs do not help us, not even if sung by another bard.

  • Do spell haste spells effect bard songs?
    • No.



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